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Contact Me or facebook: London vampire group or search John Michaelson (although I don't really have time to be with my FB 'buddies').  I will respond to genuine queries; several media organisations have already approached me and I'll do what I can so long as my identity remains hidden, but don't just say 'can I video you?' out of the blue; take the time to show that you're not a teenager and have a purpose rather than express your own gains.

Watch videos of potential vampire targets, vampire diaries of Michael and informative videos about London vampire locations, vampire activities and logged kill locations here. Many are calling cards but some highlight genuine areas of 'vampire' activity:

Due to the nature of the content of some videos, certain clips of vampire killings, interviews with a supposed vampire and leading scientists who support the truth have been redirected and presented under a different psuedonym. , . 

Future content will involve people involved in trafficking, including minors, and is not for the weak.  I am in deep and feel that there is no way out. Stopthetraffik!

Be sure to tell others the truth, You are not as safe as you think...If you want to send me creative gothic artwork, dark images of London or your own vampire theories, then you are most welcome - it might take my mind off things.  I am more intereseted in intellectual chat. 


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Home of the London VampireThe Vampire MythsThe Vampire ConspiraciesPhotos/Video EvidenceOctober's Son: The London Vampire DiariesLinks/Understanding - Real Vampires