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October's Son: The London Vampire Diaries

'Control your fate or somebody else will.'

I've gone back to the start, to where and when it all began - for your benefit and mine. 

One day, when you find yourself in the same position I was - confused and afraid - you'll find these excerpts useful and insightful. 

October's Son

The truth, in my eyes, will be exposed.  The above cover was a mock-up of how I first imagined it to look like, and varies what Burton Mayers Books released.  

For years I have toiled about how to share my experience and after several months, and some convincing from close allies, October's Son: The London Vampire Diaries is released on 27th October 2014.  It features details of the attack and my dealings with the Ants.  Expect a viral soon but not in the web 2.0 sense.  My fight is not with goths or the blood letting sanguine vampires who filled out a blank census form to be classed as a thriving UK community, but those hiding under the myth, preying on the weak: the traffiked, the unloved, and the unwanted

You are welcome to commit to my campaign. or click About Me to ask more, but I am not the most active social media user and I have more pressing matters to deal with.  Plug the website with hash tags and feel free to scrutinise my book - it will not give definitive answers.  I am not Stephanie Meyer working under a psuedonym, I just told my story.  Believe it or not, it's your choice, it's your right to decide what you believe. 

Phase 2 of the London Vampire project will begin with the release of Nuptial Flight.  Stereotypes and global perceptions about vampires will be changed.     facebook: search 'London Vampire Group' or 'Infected London'

Updates to follow  


October's Son is the story behind how I met the man who saved my life, and perhaps yours.  Michael scalded me for using any such form of electronic media.  He's gone now, so it doesn't matter.  

Michael, if you are reading this - I am ready.  

Burton Mayers Books will be publishing October's Son during October 2014.  They are planning to use the .com site to promote the commercial interests of the story.  I really couldn't care otherwise. 

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